Question by  Ovidiu (55)

How does work?

I need to understand how works.


Answer by  techman01876 (43)

Tiny URL is used a lot in Print Magazines where they do not have tons of space to type out the full address instead they use TinyURL to make it easier for readers to Typing in the links at home. /somepage/secondfolder/filename. /ura123


Answer by  Kit (558)

It shortens any website address or a website page path - the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), to a smaller website address. It's kind of renaming a website address, though not affecting the website content in any way - the content is intact. Especially, there are webpage paths that are too long, tinyurl would shorten that for you.


Answer by  shantri (142)

Tiny URL is a website that simply allows you to create a short URL that can be used as a replacement to a certain URL. It basically just take your short URL, and then forwards it to its equivalent URL.


Answer by  Quual (161)

They use a 301 redirect to translate their constructed URL to the correct one. In many ways it is similar to the way a DNS name service works.


Answer by  Anonymous

Tiny URL's can mask what the real URL is and this can be dangerous as it could be taking you to a web site that could give your machine a virus and you would neve know as you cant see the full web address.


Answer by  john11 (617)

tinyurl is a URL-shortening service for long web addresses. it redirects a shorter URL to a longer URL. You need to go to that website and submit your longer URL.


Answer by  blahblah (670)

The website tinyurl. com creates a unique, short URL that's more convenient for telling others about a web page with a long address. Just paste the long URL into the box at tinyurl. com to get the new short URL. When someone clicks on the new URL, tinyurl. com redirects them to the site you intended.


Answer by  anbu (5968)

The service tinyurl accepts a long URL string(presumably the location of web document or something else)and creates permanent shortcut for it.


Answer by  Anonymous

Why not just rightclick on the long URL and just remane it - preferrably using a name that actually makes sense to the user!

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