Question by  cpress (36)

How do you repair ms works?

MS works is not working on my computer.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

If it is not working, click on control panel. Where it says add or remove programs, you will want to press restore. If there is no option, then reinstall.


Answer by  imey (38)

That's a simple troubleshoot. Just rebot your system me? as an IT student I usually get that problem but I just do the same thing or reinstall the program.


Answer by  appletaker (64)

Make sure to remove the remaining files of MS Works by uninstalling it. Perform a restart of your computer and after is the complete reinstall of MS Works using your disc.


Answer by  Kit (558)

The best was to fix software problems, is a reload. Therefore try un-installing and re-installing MS Works. The problem will be fixed automically if your computer meets the software requirements.


Answer by  Someone83 (166)

Well, first you should reset the computer and see if that fixes it. If not then my suggestion would be to uninstall it and then reinstall it. However, if that doesn't solve the problem then my best suggestion would be to contact customer service.


Answer by  vicarna (9)

Put the CD of MS Works, the menu will show up to repair the installation, whenever the trouble still there possibly be fixed by uninstalling and then reinstalling Works.

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