Question by  Falcontenordude (1)

What should I do if I have fallen in love with a co-worker, he is a friend, we talk at work but that is where it ends.

What should i do.... I asked for her number and she gave it to me, but i like her so much i know she oly sees me as a frend... And she is the most gorgoues cutest girl i have ever met. Id seel my soul to be with her Im in love with my coworker, we talk at work, fortunately theres no awkardness, but the talking ends at work


Answer by  noodles101 (238)

Are you sure you are in love with her? It sounds more to me like this is an infatuation, especially if you two only ever talk at work. Try taking her out on a date and see if things progress from there.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

Don't tell her your in love with her or she'll probably think you are crazy. Instead, why don't you suggest going out for a dinner instead of the usual work lunches. If there's something there and she sees it in you, that is probably a good place to go.

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