Question by  BamaGirl (21)

How does an accelerometer work?

I need to understand how accelerometer's work.


Answer by  fishy (1085)

An accelerometer measures the change in speed over a change in distance factoring time into the equation whereas a spedometer measures only change in distance over the change in time. Adding the third variable of the changing speed rather than just a constant speed is how an accelerometer differs from a conventional spedometer.


Answer by  karthi29198 (33)

The accelerometer is a device used for the measurement of the acceleration of automobiles. The rotor is connected with the wheel such the it rotates as the wheel rotates. The rotation of the rotor is mechanical energy which is converted into electrical energy.


Answer by  boxsofrain (207)

An accelerometer is an instrument that is used to measure accelerations and vibrations. It works by detecting movements. The instrument has little sensors in it that detects movements. When it detects a movement, the sensor will go off to take the measurements. They are used in microphones, and a lot in the automotive industry.


Answer by  Gomethras (61)

They measure forces, typically by measuring how much a spring is compressed. Since the spring constant and the mass on the spring are known, the acceleration can easily be calculated.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

An accelerometer actually measures displacement. Calculus is used to program the instrument based on mass and rotational speed. Most applications use a proximity switch to sense a moment in the shaft movement, from there programmed mass, rpm, and moment can be calculated to give acceleration.

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can u plz give me details on how an accelerometer actually measures displacement? because im trying to figure out how to use accelerometer data to find out displacement  add a comment
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