Question by  rcottis (66)

How does a Harley Davidson motor work?

I know that Harley Davidson has one of the best motors on the market and would like to understand better how it works.


Answer by  Wrenchman (638)

Harley engines are actually rather primitive when compared to other makes. They're kept that way to better produce Harley's trademark sound. The principal difference is the V angle (more acute on Harleys) and the crankshaft. To run smoothly, a V-twin needs a 2 eccentric journals, Harley uses one.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Harley Davidson has the most out dated motor style available in a bikes today. The are less efficient then engines with similar power produced by other manufacturers.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Harley mostly uses basic 45 degrees air-cooled engine. This makes for a shaky, heavy under-performing engine. They are made in a larger displacement to compensate for lack of power. They work like any other old engine. Fuel and air is compress by pistons and ignited by spark plugs.


Answer by  spaffman10000 (469)

Harley Davidson motors don't work differently to any other internal combustion engine, but their unique sound comes from the uneven firing intervals of the pistons.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Harley would like to have you to believe they have the best engines however they have some of the most out of date engine of almost any company. Even there newest engine fall short of engine other companies used. They are just lazy, bulky, loud, and harsh vibrating engines.


Answer by  ScooterMike (145)

It's an internal combustion engine, so the principles are no different than any other gasoline operated engine. Though they have changed over the years, little has changed as far as internal workings, aside from the move to fuel injection, and the V-rod "revolution" engine which is the only liquid cooled Harley currently in production.

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