Question by  Danajayde (16)

What are some basic Harley Davidson maintenance tips?

I need maintenance tips for my Harley.


Answer by  blackjack (54)

Basically the same as any motorcycle maintenance. First buy a shop manual for your specific model. It will tell you all of the maintenance schedules, specs, prcedures, fluid capacities, etc. Basic ones are tire pressure, cable adjustments and lube, belt or chain tension. (lube if chain) Check oil levels, brake fluid, lube pivot points, check air cleaner, etc..


Answer by  MarkT (42)

Inspect, tighten, top off or replace any hose, cable, filter, bushing, fluid and critical fastener that appears dirty, damaged, low or loose. Check components that are critical to safe operation.


Answer by  MechMan3 (885)

Harleys are pretty much idiot proof. Change the oil often, but the older ones were self draining (leak all over). Also replace the spark plugs each year and adjust the valves. That's about it.


Answer by  Philc (50)

First start with changing the spark plugs then go to the air filter and replace or clean it then change your oil and filter then check your valve adjustment and finally check tire pressure and ride


Answer by  csj (114)

If you have aluminum on your bike it's going to eventually have to be polished. Baby wipes are good for getting the initial grime off of the bike. An old tee shirt makes for the best polishing cloth.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Follow the basic tips for any bike. Check all fluids and their levels. Check the tires, brakes, chain/belt, and lights before every ride.

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