Question by  design1 (21)

How do I install a sissy bar for sportsters Harley Davidson Motorcycle?

I have no idea where to even begin with installing this thing, yet I must get it done.


Answer by  rjeyanth (194)

Dismantling the fender is the main part of the job - remove the reflector stickers and then take off the fender support bu removing the screws and locknuts. Fix the sideplate of the bar on the fender support using the locknuts (use loctite242). Get the reflectors back on!

Reply by busyfingers (239):
The new kit will have an extra pair of reflectors - so you can use these. Remember, FMVSS 108 mandates that all bikes SHOULD have side reflectors by law. I've seen pics and some videos on the web that illustrate the steps to understand them better.  add a comment

Answer by  cmc94 (302)

First thing to do is to get the right sissy bar - right size and dimensions and also something that looks cool and is color matched. Fixing it shouldn't be too much of a problem. You'll just need to screw it on at the right places with the right tools.

Reply by enlightened (206):
Be very careful when you buy these online - the pics may not be very accurate!  add a comment
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