Question by  ajay (15)

What are the differences between a 5hp single phase motor and a 3 phase electric motor?

Obviously, the way the motor works, but what can expect from each in terms of power and efficiency?


Answer by  michaelwoodcockhotmailcom (32)

A 3 phase electric motor will generally have more start up torque, and a higher efficiency rating than a comparable single phase motor. They also run with less vibration, and consequently, generally have a longer life.


Answer by  Atul (48)

1) in single phase only one pair of wire but in three phase three pair of wire which are connected at angle 120 degree with each other.they supply it constant value of voltage & current in complete cycle.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

In terms of efficiency, the 5hp single phase motor is more efficient and it gets the job done faster. The 3 phase motor uses more power.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Everything else being "equal" i.e. similar loads, motors, ... Single-phase motors are designed/built "out-of-balance" (they need to be, otherwise they sit & buzz instead of rotate), so they wear-out faster, and are generally less-efficient (80%-90%). 3-phase motors involve some additional capital expenditure, for the additional circuit/phase; which is paid-back through better economy/efficiency (90%-100%), lower maintenance & operating expenses.

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