Question by  Sally10 (70)

How doee Nioxin Shampoo work?

I don't get how it can help with hair loss.


Answer by  chrisjensd (703)

It has vitamins and moisturizers that condition your scalp, not just the surface of the hair. This system really works and is recommended by hair stylists for thinning hair.


Answer by  simna (473)

Nioxin shampoo is not a hair loss product. But it helps in the re-growth of the existing hair by improving the scalp heath.


Answer by  wonder47 (123)

Hair loss has a lot to do with hormones and inflammation, and what Nioxin does it combat these issues. The body can overproduce androgens, which contribute to hair loss. Nioxin also helps sooth scalp inflammation so that hair can grow sufficiently, and washes away the DHT from the follicles, which is a testosterone that causes hair loss.


Answer by  Ann89 (613)

By using it at three times a week it should get rid of DHT which has been known to cause hair loss. DHT can interfere with the hair follicle which causes hair loss.


Answer by  nikkeeb (111)

They call it a 'facial for the scalp' because it exfoliates the scalp, opening hair follicles to allow hair to grow through thicker, fuller and faster. The starter pack comes with a scalp treatment that helps this process, while nourishing scalp and hair. Scalp therapy strengthens and moisturises to minimize split ends and tangles.


Answer by  Darci (75)

Nioxin Shampoo cleans all of the dirt, grime, and chemicals that can build up in the hair follicle. Allowing the hair to grow again.


Answer by  Akasha (23)

Nioxin shampoo stimulates live follicles on the scalp that have gone dormant. It does not, however, help people who have lost hair do to dead follicles or hair follicles that have gone from producing terminal hair (the hair on your head) to producing vellus hair (the hair on arms and legs).


Answer by  Kelly88 (434)

While I don't know what makes it work, my mom uses it and has had amazing results. Her hair seems thicker and healthier.


Answer by  rachelsjulia (0)

I don't have idea how effective Nioxin shampoo since i never tried of it but i heard some good feedbacks about it. I only tried using Reloxe and it totally cured my hair loss and grew back my fallen hair.

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