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Question by  landock (15)

What is a good shampoo for someone with brown hair and red high lights?

I would like a shampoo that will enhance my color and not dull it.


Answer by  kbirgells (30)

A shampoo that is really good for deep colored hair both brown and red is Pure by Rusk. This shampoo makes the hair color stay more vibrant. Since it is a professional shampoo, the shampoo won't strip your hair color that deep vibrancy that brunettes and red heads love. It also keeps the hair silky and shiny.


Answer by  emwee (21)

My hair is naturally like that and I don't know if yours is. But the shampoo that works the best for any brown hair is John Frieda Brilliant Brunette. They have different shampoo's for different shades of brown hair. It doesn't really smell that lovely but it makes my hair really soft and shiny.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

Redkin makes a great shampoo to enhance red and protect color. I really like Biolage for colored hair, because it is very moisturizing.


Answer by  AP (60)

I prefer Pantene Pro-V Color Restoratives. It's safe for all hair colors and fairly inexpensive. It also keeps hair color from fading. They also have conditioners that do the same thing.


Answer by  juschuck87 (32)

My hair is the same color and what I have found that works best for cleansing and not dulling is actually a cleansing conditioner not a shampoo. You use this istead of a shampoo. It is made by Chaz Dean called WEN. Try his website or QVC.


Answer by  trouble (66)

pantene for color hair is the best of any of the shampoos that they have.. it makes hair shiny not dull


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

If you're looking to enhance the red highlights and make them shine, you should try a shampoo that works with red hair. Try John Frida or Panteen's shampoo that's formulated for red hair.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

The best thing to do is use a shampoo that is for colorly treated hair. That stuff is made to help make your hair color last.

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