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Question by  dannystanks73 (14)

What is a good shampoo for someone with brown hair and red high lights?

I would like a shampoo that will enhance my color and not dull it.


Answer by  nksmom (197)

Red highlights tend to fade pretty quickly, so you need to use products that will help hold the color. A good one to try is Pureology. It is a bit on the expensive side and only available in the salon, but well worth the money.


Answer by  shorty (208)

The best shampoo I found for color treated hair, especially red which fades easily, is pureology. They have different types of pureology. For example hydrating system, volume system, and straightening system. My personal favorite is hydrating.


Answer by  diane41 (309)

If they are natural highlights then any shampoo will work. If they are dyed highlights then you should use something with a moisturizer or conditioner that is specifically designed for colored hair.


Answer by  morrisonmj22 (9)

I have brown hair with red highlights and I use Tresemme, because it is good for color treated hair and it does not damage your hair.

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