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Question by  tiwtiw (16)

What can be done to prevent my hair from absorbing the color from my shampoo?

My hair always absorbs any color from the shampoo I use.


Answer by  star4 (46)

If the hair is lightly colored to prevent staining of the hair one should avoid color shampoos and use a clear or white shampoo instead like Loreal.


Answer by  cquiggles (238)

You want to use a shampoo that is the shade of your own hair color. There are specific shampoos that are used for blonds, brunettes, black hair, red hair etc. This not only keeps your color vivid but you do not have problems with your hair abosorbing different colors.


Answer by  GinaD (400)

I'm assuming you have processed, probably bleached hair. I don't know that you can prevent this. I think I would just look for a good, colorless shampoo.


Answer by  JamesOrly (44)

Are you using a good conditioner? Color in the hair comes from the follicle, if you use a quality conditioner you can protect the follicle better. Shampoo actually damages hair as it cleans, that is why we use conditioner. Try shampooing less frequently, but make sure you condition daily.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

You have a few options. You could dye your hair to a dark color where the absorption of color would not be noticed. You could use a regular shampoo that is clear or mostly clear, so that it would not leave a color. Finally, you could use a shampoo intended for gray hair (which naturally stains easily).


Answer by  ihatetv (581)

I would switch shampoos. Look for something that is dye-free-- most shampoos have added colors and fragrances. Try looking at natural food stores for hair products that are free of any added color.

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