Question by  James79 (53)

How do you train a dog to stay outside?

My dog wants to be indoors with us.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Dogs are sociable creatures and do want to spend time with their owners. Frequent attention and exercise does help a dog adjust to his area. Also, make sure the dog has a comfortable, dry doghouse and bedding. Also, make sure your dog has toys to chew and play with outside.


Answer by  DebbieP (102)

Some dogs are indoor dogs because of their people or their aversion to changing temperatures. You can use positive associations with outside like only giving them treats or affection outside.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

First I would stay outside for a while with it. Then I would go into the house for a small amount of time, and increase both as the days go on. She needs to know that it is okay for her to be outside. Get her favorite toy .


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

You do this by increasing his time outdoors little by little and rewarding that good behavior with a chew toy, bone, food.


Answer by  Lettie (95)

The best way to keep your dog happy is lots of exercise and attention. You could try a Kong dog toy for short outside stays. Your dog should sleep inside.


Answer by  sallyjane (125)

Dogs yearn for indoor companionship just as any human member of your family would. If you are not prepared to allow your dog to share your home, consider surrendering it to a family that is willing to spend the time and energy it takes to properly care for a pet.


Answer by  Lorbeer (304)

Hello, the dog is a group living animal. A cat can live alone - but a dog needs company. There are many breeds ( Husky or other sledge dogs) which you should never leave alone. Why did you buy a dog? Not for company?

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