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Question by  jwhite (24)

How do you replace a blower motor resistor in a GMC pickup?


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

You're going to need to kill your car and pop the hood, using the same model replacement part get a sturdy pair of sockets and swap them out.


Answer by  Doug77 (1433)

Open the hood and locate the resistor on the passenger side of the engine compartment. Remove the wiring harness. Use a ratchet and socket to remove the two screws. Pull the old resistor out and replace it with the new one. Reinstall the screws and plug in the wiring harness.


Answer by  Teaberry (846)

Depending on the year, the reistor can be found on the passenger side, under the dash. Remove the glove box, and you will see the resistor. Remove and reinstall.


Answer by  rookie105 (823)

The blower motor resistor is located inside, the passanger side lower part of the blower box. It is a plug on the outsdie of the assembly, unplug the connector, remove the screws holing in the female side of the plug, that will allow the resistor to be removed. Replace the resistor the reverse order


Answer by  laura27 (1216)

Pop hood. Disconnect the negative battery cable and electrical connectors from the blower motor. You can find resistors on passenger side of car. Under the dash remove glove box and you'll see the resistor right there. Remove old resistor and install new one. If help is needed get a mechanic or repair shop to do it.


Answer by  sathish123 (2147483647)

Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the blower motor. Remove the radiator coolant collecting bottle from the right side of the engine compartment.


Answer by  Samhane (703)

This really depends on the year of pickup as some years are different. Purchase a haynes manual at any local auto parts store and it will indicate how to replace.


Answer by  laura27 (1216)

The resistor is found on passenger side of car. Go under the dash to remove glove box and the resistor is right there. Lastly move it and reinstall.


Answer by  Gaur (7676)

My heater blower stopped working--only ran on "high". Part of the problem was a blown resistor block; this device is bypassed if the thermal cut-off switch on the block overheats.

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