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Question by  lmastrobuono (36)

How can I install AC blower motor Jeep Cherokee?

My Jeep blower motor doesn't blow.


Answer by  TravisUSMC (979)

Its located directly under the passenger side of the dash panel. Locate it, using good lighting such as a drop light. Remove all wiring that leads to it. Next remove all mounting bolts on the plastic retaining cage. Next remove the blower motor. Place new one inside case. Bolt in. Replace the wiring plug. Start and test the system.


Answer by  Joe1010us (239)

The blower motor is located inside an air box that all the vents connect to. To access the air box the whole dash board must be removed. Removing the front seats and dropping the steering column will give sufficient space to work.


Answer by  worker3294 (236)

Usually the resistor pack for the blower will go out before the motor does. Also check the fuse and relay. Then, if your motor is inside the engine bay, you can pull the blower out by first removing the air box. If it is underneath the dash, you will have to remove all the trim first.


Answer by  69nova (389)

The blower motor on most jeep's is located on the lower right side of the firewall,in the engine compartment.I suggest testing the power going to it,upon location,before replacement.Blower resistors commonly fail on jeep products.

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