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Question by  Mike26 (26)

How do you remove a 190 blower motor from a Mercedes?

My blower has gone bad on my car.


Answer by  ClaudiaD (136)

The 190 blower motor is located under the dash on the passenger side close to the right side kick panel and under the glove box. I could not possibly give you instructions in 50 words but you know where it is located and I see someone gave you some tips.


Answer by  Momof3boys (83)

Have you done any troubleshooting yet? Before removing the whole shebang you should check the fuses for the blower motor and the relay. The relays on Mercedes have a tendency to go out before the actual blower motor does. It would help to know your model and year if possible.

Reply by BlueCollarBri (118):
Oh yeah definitely trouble shoot. I thought the blower motor was bad on my Mercedes but it turned out to be the blower resistor.  add a comment

Answer by  HemmedIn3 (30)

Go to the auto store and purchase a book on your year Mercedes and look up the blower motor. While you are there have a clerk run a diagnostic on your car and check the book for the codes to define your exact problem. Start small and work up.

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