Question by  Katydid127 (26)

Can you test a furnace blower motor?

The repair man says that I need a new furnace blower motor, I would like to test it to make sure it is truly broken.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

Furnace blowers have 2 fail conditions: 1) it will not run at all, test by hooking directly to power, 2) the run capacitor is bad and the blower runs slow.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

You could take it out and hook up 120 to it and see if it will turn over. More than likely your service man is correct.

posted by Anonymous
Almost bought a new blower motor because the HVAC "pro" told me it was bad. My motor has 4 wires (3 for different speeds). I connected the white to white and (red, blue, yellow) and proved him wrong!! Thanks for the tip!  add a comment
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