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Question by  peekfreans (15)

What is the location of the 323i blower motor in my BMW?

I need to locate the blower motor in my 323I.


Answer by  Jim62 (28)

Blower motors in BMW's are typically located under the glovebox assembly down by the lick panel. In that area you will see part of the heater box and there will be a stepper motor there for your fresh air flap as well. This is the heating box for the interior of your vehicle which includes the blower motor assembly.


Answer by  helper3692 (100)

The blower motor could be located on the firewall under the hood or anywhere in the engine compartment. It would be a good idea to consult the owners manual because many components vary from year to year. Also you need to make sure when you are dealing with electrical parts due to failure of the wrong part.


Answer by  phaze1zo6 (10)

The blower motor is located behind the dash board near the bottom on the passenger side. It is near the passenger glovebox. To access, remove the dash board.


Answer by  acostaf1 (37)

The blower motor can be located behind the glove box, what you want to do is remove the glove box and the under cover to access the blower motor.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

The blower motor is behind the dash in the passenger side footwell. Pull out the cover under the glovebox and it will be easier to reach it.

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