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Question by  avalanchebad (164)

What do I need to know about replacing the motor in a Saturn?

I need to replace a motor in my Saturn.


Answer by  sprinter (14)

Do your research on the Saturn you want to fix. Go find out what tool's you will need. Make sure you have a place big enough for the job.


Answer by  princess88 (166)

I'm not sure what kind of motor it is but if it is a window motor the outer and inner door panels on the door must come off. There you have access to the rivets holding the motor to the door.


Answer by  georidescom (93)

Not really the best thing to do unless you have an engine lift, or to have the car on a lift. You'll need to disconnect the fuel, all electrics, the exhaust and then the transmission. Take out the drive axles, and drain the coolant and transmission fluid.


Answer by  alexacalhoun (17)

First pull the engine out from the top using a floor jack and a cherry picker. Label all lines, hoses, and wiring keeping as much connected to the old engine as possible. If you are using a different year/model with the exchange engine, use the crank angle sensor from the original engine as they are unique to each model.

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