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Question by  VYBRAIN (14)

How do you remove the evaporator from a Grand Cherokee?

I need to remove the evaporator from my Grand Cherokee.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

Start by checking/changing the obvious and perhaps even consult your dealership or local automotive shop/expert. You're going to need to kill your car. Open up the hood and locate your old evaporator. Using a new evaporator that matches your old one, remove the old one using a series of wrenches and screws. Be mindful of what you remove.


Answer by  aeturnus (474)

First, disconnect the battery. Then, remove the refrigerant, heater hoses and air conditioner firewall line. Remove the bolts in engine compartment and then the center console. Look for hidden screws, and unscrew the shifter assembly. Remove windshield dash panel, and then rip out defroster vents. Remove panels in bottom door opening, and then glove box. You're on your way.


Answer by  laura27 (1216)

Open hood disconnect battery then locate old evaporator. Make sure when you purchase a new one that it is the exact same one. Make sure have right tools for job.

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