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Question by  teagal (19)

How do you remove the door panel from a Toyota Camry?

I need to remove the door panel from my car so that I can do repair work on the window.


Answer by  ToyotaDude (44)

Open the door and roll the window up. Remove five screws and two clips in the door panel. Pry panel up to remove the screw. Push the two clips in and pull them out. Remove the plastic trim. Pry away from the door until the clips pop out. Pop them out from panel. Unclip the wire connectors and wires. Finished


Answer by  hypertech (690)

The door panel is held on with plastic clips around the perimeter. You can buy a special tool to unhook these clips at an auto parts or upholstery store, otherwise the clips will be destroyed and have to be replaced.


Answer by  N31J (148)

I actually own a Toyota Camry, it's the 2008 model so its much more tighter then the later models so your probably gonna have to take the car to a car dealer or your local mechanic. On the later models its actually quite simple, first screw off the nuts and bolts and the just pry off the panel!


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

There should be a couple screws hidden in holes underneath the grip and such. Once those are out, just pull, it'll pop off. Then disconnect the wires for the switches.


Answer by  wildfire (135)

If the car door is a manual window, remove the Jesus clip and remove handle. Unscrew allotted screws and place them aside. After doing so, grab the bottom half of the panel and gently tug till clips release.


Answer by  Steven (309)

There are 6 bolts that need to be taken out in the Toyota Camry Door Panel. These are located around the border of the panel and two bolts near the handle of the door.


Answer by  geethapriya (239)

To remove the door panel from a Toyota Camry you first remove the hardware of the inside panel and then remove the panel and repair your window.

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