Question by  gemmie (33)

What could cause smoke from the tailpipe of a Toyota Camry?

For the past several weeks I have had excessive smoke coming from my Toyota Camry.


Answer by  Michael90 (99)

Most likely you have a blown head gasket and the smoke coming out is either water or oil that is burning. get this checked first.


Answer by  felnus (38)

What color is the smoke? White usually indicates a head gasket leak allowing antifreeze into the pistons, usually accompanied by a sweet burning smell. Blue smoke would indicate engine oil leaking into the combustion chamber past piston rings or valve seals. Black smoke would indicate excessive fuel or poor combustion, could be malfunctioning sensors, fuel injectors or bad spark plugs.


Answer by  MC23 (85)

Depending on the color of the smoke it could be as simple as normal condensate. White smoke is result of leaking coolant into the combustion chamber via broken head gasket. Blue smoke is a result of burning oil in the combustion chamber via worn piston rings or broken head gasket.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well smoke indicates that there is something being burnt off in the engine. If it is white smoke it typically means coolant is leaking in. If it is black or grayish smoke then it is probably oil. In most cases thi is do to excessive crankcase pressure forcing oil in your cylinder do to worn rings or leaking valves.


Answer by  greggula (112)

If the smoke is dark, blueish and has a strong oder you car is burning oil. If the smoke is white and steam like you may have a blown headgasket.

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