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Question by  Rebecca (12)

How do I replace a Toyota Camry air cabin filter?

I need to replace an air cabin filter in my Toyota Camry.


Answer by  logu (20)

Open the glove compartment and press in on both sides of the glove compartment and pull out, the glove compartment will them swing down out of the way some models have asmall strut onthe right side that presses on and off aplastic pegif youmove itto theright,squeeze the clips and remove the air filter Install newone installation is reverse processof removal.


Answer by  pandora18 (74)

Open your glove box up and you will see 2 screws. Unscrew those and take out the old filter. Pop in the new one and you are done!


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Not knowing what year of Camry you have it's hard to say. On most car it will be located either inside the cowl or under the dash. If it's in the cowl then you will have to remove the cowl cover along with any clips holding the cabin filter in. If it's under the dash the glove-box door is removed.


Answer by  wrenchguy4222 (33)

Open the glove box and then unclip it at the top on the inside so it swings down. Then open the compartment behind the glove box to install filter.

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