Question by  nick36 (5)

How do you play the acoustic guitar?

I already play the electric guitar.


Answer by  DDeSoto (196)

It is exactly the same. Only real difference is the string tension makes it harder on your fingers and will force you to apply more pressure when fretting. If you're referring to finger picking you're actually looking for a classical guitar with silk strings and not an acoustic with nickle.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

Pretty much the same as the electric guitar. However, be prepared for two big differences: The acoustic guitar is harder to play - so you will, except for basic chords at the bottom of the neck, find that you have to play slower at first, until you get used to the heavier string gauge and tighter string tension.


Answer by  LPlatter (271)

It's the same instrument but the plus is you don't have to lug around an amp anymore. The fret board is wider.

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