Question by  mustang85 (15)

How do you play the base guitar?

I would like to teach my self to play the base guitar, could you provide me tips on doing so.


Answer by  lala83 (89)

The most important thing to learn are scales. Practice them daily. Also, listen very closely to your favorite bass lines and imitate them as best you can.


Answer by  Dixie82 (103)

Avoid learning by simply reading tabs - take the time to learn to read music. Different types of bass playing require different approaches. If you are going to play jazz, learn to read chord changes - if you're playing rock, listen to music and play what you hear.


Answer by  Mustane (55)

Are you talking about the BASS guitar? If so, learning the bass guitar is easier that learning the 6-string guitar. However, it is harder to master. The bass guitar is the same in a sense that its standard tuning is E-A-D-G, E being the lowest and thickest note. It would be easy to start with fretboard exercises and scale/theory lessons.


Answer by  clair58 (177)

Ok, well, first of all you will have to keep on practicing well, Some times you feel boring to practice if you don't get the tune. Take courage that you can be a best base guitarise. Also you will have to learn how to transcribe songs from the radio, read music, and then create your own patterns.


Answer by  DrHarris (508)

First, it's called "Bass Guitar". Google "Bass Guitar Tutorial", and search for Bass Guitar on Youtube. There are plenty of good sources online that go into detail on how to learn to play. Have fun!


Answer by  thatsmartguy (15)

I play BASS (I'm assumming that's the same thing) andit's actually extremely easy. Unless your playing at Jam Nights, all you need are some bass tabs from something like ultimateguitar.

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