Question by  babalu (177)

What is better as a first instrument - an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar?

My son wants to start playing the guitar.


Answer by  Banjochamp (132)

Depends on play style. My son and I play acoustic as we enjoy bluegrass. If your son enjoys rock and jazz, then buy him an electric, as both guitars fret differently. An acoustic has heavier strings and you develop calluses quicker by playing it. If you like distorting and altering the guitar, buy electric.


Answer by  Plutarch (11)

An inexpensive electric, with an equally inexpensive amplifier is probably easier to begin on because the strings of an electric are usually under less tension and easier to press down for tender beginner's fingertips. A nylon-string guitar is easy also, but the neck would be too wide for a beginner.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

An acoustic guitar is better because all you need is the guitar itself and some strings. It can be played anywhere. An electric guitar will require more equipment (an amp at the very least, not to mention effects pedals) and is less portable. Also, nearly all the great guitar gods first learned on an acoustic guitar.


Answer by  jordandevers (318)

This is really up to you. With the acoustic its at a constant volume which isn't very loud. However, the electric has a amplifier and that can make it pretty loud.


Answer by  Anonymous

I would say electric. Acoustics are big for kids and may not be what your son is looking for. Electric can do tons of different sounds.

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