Question by  micool (17)

How do you make sauerkraut?

I want to make it from scratch.


Answer by  asd (24)

Mix salt and shredded cabbage (best shredding with a slicer). Leave it for a day. If it does not leave liquid, add some saltet water. Next cover with a clean towel, a plate and a heavy object like a rock to weigh it down. Wait for at least ten days. Before cooking, add some sliced bacon for the original taste.


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

You need to use fresh cabbage and some pickling salt. You first shred the cabbage and place in a crock pot. A fermentation process is then followed.


Answer by  ruth27 (56)

Shread and mix cabbage with salt, allow to wilt. Pack into jar. Layer and cover with muslin and a weight. Leave to ferment in a warm place for 6 weeks.


Answer by  Priya12 (218)

Finally chop cabbage, add bit salt. Put the salted cabbage into a clean cork and mash them and cover that from top tightly by wooden piece for two weeks.

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