Question by  gyr (26)

How do you make a dalek costume?

I would like to make a costume based on the British show Doctor Who, can you provide me directions on making a dalek costume?


Answer by  Andelisha (56)

The parts required for a do it yourself Dalek costume include: A large round outdoor trash can (30-50 gallon size), a toilet plunger (for the gun), halfed styrofoam balls for added contrast, spray paint, and either a large plastic bowl or a paper mache hemisphere for the head area.


Answer by  freyafreay (76)

Dalek costumes have been made out of an upside down round laundry basket for the head and an upside down larger plastic garbage can for the body. A plunger can be used for one of the arms and the end of a paint roller for the other. Silver paint or tin foil can be used to cover it.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

You can go up to a fabric store and get the fabric and colors that you want. You can then start sewing everything together. Once it is sewn together you can make sure it is going to fit the person that you need it to and you can make alterations then.


Answer by  Srfingfreak (697)

A metal garbage can can make a great body. Add a plunger and some bed knobs for the various knobs and death rays.

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