Question by  gayathrimanigandan (74)

What adjustments do you need to make to a Honda Recon carb due to a change in altitude?

I am going to be moving into the mountains and want to make sure I make the right adjustments.


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

You may have to check with the specs on the engine and see if you need to get new jets for the engine. Often times you can adjust this yourself but new jets may be needed.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Make it richer and adjust your timing. It's better to tune once there to make sure it runs smoothly. Try a higher octane fuel also to help it run better.


Answer by  worker5829 (219)

The only adjustments that need to be made, providing the carb is functioning correctly, are to the fuel air mixture. Higher altitudes have thinner air containing less oxygen. You must compensate for this by leaning the mixture. Less fuel is presented at the venturi opening compensating for less oxygen in the available air.

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