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Question by  SVai456 (46)

How do you help your dog through another dog's death?

They were best friends.


Answer by  Dansun (17)

Try let someone else walk into his life. If he's a loving dog, perhaps have another puppy, kitty, to accompany him, make him feel he is needed. If vigorous, maybe meet new friends would cheer him up. Distract him from his grief, he'll move on within time.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

Make sure and pay attention to the adog as much as possible. In the loss of a companion a dog is like a person they will grieve and you need to let them know that you care.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

I's a fact that dogs feel deep grief just like we do. About all you can do is try to spend some extra time with your dog.


Answer by  Gavy (111)

Your dog will mope around for awhile after the death of his friend. This is normal, despite some people thinking animals do not have feelings. The best thing you can do is give him lots of love and attention. Take him for walks and play with him. Eventually, with time, he will get through it.


Answer by  sara28 (68)

Dogs are pack animals and like to have companionship. One of the best ways to help a dog get over the loss of another is to find them a new friend. Dogs that are used to being with another dog don't like to be alone after the other is gone, so finding lots of time to play will help too.

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