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Question by  pammy (42)

Are pit bulls strong dogs in comparison to other large breed dogs?

Help me settle an argument, are pit bulls the strongest breed of dogs


Answer by  hkl091889 (18)

While I was working as a kennel technician I discovered the strength of pit bulls. My key job was walking all the dogs and I discovered that pitbulls were the strongest of any I walked. Although they may not weigh as much as the largest of dogs, they could pull even harder.


Answer by  Zetau (125)

You are actually asking two questions. As a breed (one that is not recognized) they are strong, but I would seriously doubt they're the strongest breed, and I've been involved with dogs for about 37 years. They are well known, though, for their jaw strength.


Answer by  vichu (54)

Yes, Obviously Pitbulls are stronger than other large breed dogs. They are a cross between the bulls and Terriers so they do stronger.


Answer by  yellowbutterfly (30)

Pits are strong dogs in will and strength but they are not stronger than other breeds of dogs of their size.


Answer by  Coogi (16)

pitbulls are strong,but not the strongest there are dogs that are double their size and weight that are clearly stronger.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

They are stronger then most large breed dogs but not the strongest, jaw strength they are close but not muscle power.

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