Question by  Jennifer18 (21)

What are some friendly big dog breeds?

I'm looking for a good family dog, but I don't want a small dog.


Answer by  crazyangel72 (115)

In all honesty, most big dogs are friendly unless you train them not to be. Labradors, Great Danes, Golden Retrievers, and Mixed Breads all have wonderful personalities.


Answer by  JAM87 (111)

In my opinion the most popular family dog that is a large breed wuold be a lab, then again alot of big dogs make good family dogs. It depends on the breeder as well as the breed. Labradors, German shepherds are two breeds that come to mind right away.


Answer by  sapphire (111)

The obvious choice is a labrador but great danes, which are very very large dogs are very mellow and friendly too. Huskys are hard to come by but they make excellent family dogs.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

For the most part big dog breeds are more friendly then small dog breeds. Golden Retrievers, Saint Bernards and Labs are all great dog breeds.


Answer by  Anonymous

I had a great dane who thought she was a small dog! Very gentle with kids and was wonderful with my elderly grandmother! My opinion is they are the best big breed!

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