Question by  BrianK57 (23)

Can dogs get pregnant with more than one dog?

I think this is what happened to my dog. There are lots of dogs around.


Answer by  Parvinderkaur (84)

This is possible if she has more than one egg to be fertilized at the time of heat. But one puppy can have only one mother and father.


Answer by  ofnik (409)

Yes, this is a possibility since they can mate over a few days and can have a number of matings with a number of mates.


Answer by  glendajeanne (12)

Yes, dogs, cats and even humans can have multiple births in which more than one male is the father. When the female produces more than one egg, sperm from different males can fertilize them.


Answer by  mannersandsuch (1796)

Yes, in fact most dogs, especially larger ones typically have more then one puppy in there litter. Dogs can have as many 10 puppies in a litter though 4-5 is more typical. Because all puppies grow and mature at slightly different rates when picking a dog from a littler consult professional standards for picking the best in the litter.


Answer by  Cvt (149)

A female dog has a 5-7 day period where she will stand for a male dog. Mating can happen on the first or last day and by different males.


Answer by  LadyBug4 (168)

It is possible! When a dog is in heat, it seems every male within a mile knows it, but unfortunately, you really won't know for sure until the puppies are born. Remember, mixed breeds make great pets, too!


Answer by  garymarkle (599)

Yes, it is possible for a female to get pregnant by more than one male dog, puppies can have multiple fathers within a litter, in this case you can have some of a single breed and some mixed.

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