Question by  rutol16 (25)

What does it mean when someone says that the dog is neck nipping?

I have heard the term neck nipping, as associated with dogs, and am uncertain to what it means.


Answer by  Domdom (113)

This is generally play behavior and is indicated by light, short nips or mouthing at another dog's neck. The nipping may be done to initiate or provoke play or during the course of a play session. If both dogs are relaxed and playful, it is harmless. If either dog becomes tense, it might be time to call timeout.


Answer by  thebes1966 (43)

This is a term used to describe a dog that is nipping another dog's neck with its teeth. It has been said it is a form of herding behaviour.


Answer by  Anonymous

my two hounds neck nip all the time and its very docile. I think its a way of showing affection and an attempt to begin play. I've also noticed it could be to establish pecking order.


Answer by  MarjiS (128)

When a dog likes to come up to another dog and bite at his neck either playfully or a little bit aggressively. Dogs do this mainly when they are playing together.


Answer by  gracey6423 (58)

A dog is trying to be playful. It is gently biting on the others neck. The dog is also trying to make friends and be friendly to another animal. A dog will also nuzzle and nip gently a humans neck also. The dog is trying to be loving toward another dog or person.


Answer by  NikkiLee (38)

Neck nipping associated with dogs is when a dog is playfully biting its owner, another dog or item. This can be light biting but if the dog is nipping you too hard, you must correct the behavior. Pull what he is nipping away slowly and completely ignore the behavior.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Puppies nip at each other, and sometimes their owners, to play and to try to establish the order of rank in their pack. Since the nipping is just intended to be light and not an attack, the nips are mostly playfully done and other puppies are not harmed. This behavior should have limits when concerning people. Correction may be necessary.


Answer by  fboulay (15)

This dog behaviour happens when a dog has the tendancy to bite another dog's neck to encourage one another to play. This is an absolutely normal if both dogs are calm and friendly. If the biting becomes aggressive during a playing session, the dogs owners must separate both animals.


Answer by  chespa (82)

When someone uses the term neck nipping is that the dog is nipping at its own neck and perhaphs making sores. There are many diffent ways to prevent this, the best is probaly check with your vetranarian.


Answer by  Ralphie1954 (420)

Dogs are pack animals like wolves. Neck nipping is a way one dog lets another one know that it is higher up in the pack order.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

If a dog is neck nipping it means the dog is trying to bite at the neck of other dogs. This can sometimes be caused if the dog feels scared or threatened by another dog. It is something you would want to talk to a trainer about so it does not get out of hand.

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