Question by  ppro (50)

What are the H1B visa stamping procedures in Canada?

I will be visiting Canada soon and would like to know what to expect.


Answer by  digmyspace (249)

Look at the Canadian Consulate website - it has all the info, the forms and the FAQs for stamping the H1B visa. Do everything it says and you'll get it done without a problem.


Answer by  sleepyjey (248)

There are a lot of documents involved. But other than that the procedure is easy. What is your citizenship? have you been to Canada before? Where did you complete your education? Sometimes they send it to your country of residence for stamping.


Answer by  notanexpert (199)

It's pretty simple and the Canada Consulate is quite helpful. get all the documents in place and attend an interview. You will be asked a few questions about your job, the employer and some general stuff. It's quite relaxed. Once approved you can collect the passport the same evening.


Answer by  mani (813)

You have to book an appointment with the consulate first. They will send what are all the documents required to take for the interview. The following documents normally asked are: employement letter,degree certificate,copies of transcript,entire pettion filed by the employer for processing H1 visa,passport,evidence of legal entry and passport size photos.

Reply by ross1976 (196):
You will also need the DS-156 (application form). This can be downloaded online officially. Don't forget the Copy of I-129 petition completed by employer too. I know a few people who were careless enough to forget something!  add a comment
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