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Question by  westivan (16)

Is it the same rate to mail a letter from the United States to Canada?

I need to mail something to Canada.


Answer by  SteveO (147)

The cost of mailing to Canada from the United States depends on how much the letter weighs. If the letter falls under a certain weight, then it would be just a flat rate for you to mail it. Unless the letter is bulky, you should be able to buy a Canadian stamp at the Post Office and just mail it.


Answer by  blahblah (670)

No. Mailing from the United States to Canada costs more than mailing something within the United States. For example, as of September 2009, a one ounce first-class letter costs $0. 44 within the U. S. but $0. 75 from the U. S. to Canada. A postcard costs $0. 28 within the U. S. and $0. 75 to Canada.


Answer by  gordon (304)

Currently the rate for a First Class #10 envelope is 75 centswith a maximum value of $400. Maximum length of 11. 5", height 6 1/8" and no more than 1/4" thick. Also available are Express Mail and Priority Mail options. Delivery time will vary according to the service selected.

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