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Question by  carmenfarmers2008 (1)

If my father inherited a 500K inheritance from his mother due to a wrongful death lawsuit, upon his death is sister had power of attorney, who does the money go to, I am not aware if there is a will?

My father inherited $500k from his mother who died. The money was from a lawsuit for unlawful death. My father died and his sister said she has power of attorney. Who gets that money? I dont know if he had a will or not. Kinda afraid to ask.


Answer by  worker92 (45)

All your father`s estate would pass to his wife if he had one, failing that then down to his children and their children before his siblings have a claim


Answer by  maber (1427)

Without a will, it is left up to the probate court to decide who gets the money if anyone. He will have to settle all his debts and clear the estate first. get an attorney.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

Having power of attorney does not mean she is executor of his estate. There are Federal taxes that will have to be paid so you need to start asking questions.

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