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Question by  BamaGirl (21)

How do you color your own hair?

I need to color my own hair.


Answer by  bajestar (605)

Pick out a brand that will give you desired results ie: permanent semi-permanent or a rinse. Look at the box and make sure the color you currently are will yield the desired color. Read the instructions and make sure to do a strand test in a patch of hair that wont be seen to make sure your not allergic.


Answer by  hairgoddess (21)

Any type of dye works fine. The most important thing is to section off your hair (to avoid patching) and use a paint brush or a hairdye brush. Start by clipping hair on top of your head, then paint the bottom layer of hair, pull more hair down from the clip and do the next section, etc.


Answer by  tschu (417)

Go to your local store that sells dye. Pick the shade of dye you would like and follow the directions on the box. Be sure not to lighten your hair to much though they say 2-3 shades lighter is all you can do so you don't turn orange.

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