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Question by  StuffIThinkAndSay (57)

Can you color hair that has been treated with a Japanese Straightening system?

To months ago I had a Japanese Straightening procedure done to my hair and now I would like to color it.


Answer by  val (95)

It is perfectly fine to color hair that has been Japanese Straightened 2 weeks after the hair has been straightened. The straightened hair will color fine will no ill side effects. Color your hair as you normally would color your hair and do not wash your hair for 24 hours after being colored.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Yes, you do have to wait two weeks after using this treatment, two months should be safe for your hair.


Answer by  Mary39 (521)

Yes, you can definitely color your hair after the straigtening. What you should never do is color your hair immediately after any type of chemicals have been placed on your head. It can cause burning or breakage. I do not recommend you doing the coloring yourself. Have it professionally done.


Answer by  Lavieboheme (177)

It is advisable to wait at least one to two months after using Japanese straightening system to color your hair again.

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