Question by  Tom57 (113)

How do you clean mildew off of wood?

My wooden deck has developed mildew on the underside that needs to be cleaned.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You will need to use a stronger cleaner that is safe on wood. They probably sell a wood specific cleaner but you could probably use a solution of bleach and water to remove it. You may want to apply a sealer after it has dried to prevent future mildew.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

Clean mildrew off of wood you need a very soft bristle brush and a gentle cleaner. You still will probably have to repaint the piece of wood with a primer first because the stain might not come out. Mildew is harder to get off the longer it has been on the surface.Good luck!


Answer by  judithr105 (269)

Removing mildew from a wooden deck is difficult to do unless you have the proper tools. You need to use a power wash machine and use the nozzle directly on the mildew. If that does not work, you can add bleach to the water solution and that should help.


Answer by  donnahiggy (71)

Wash the mildewed area real good with a sponge and some warm soapy water. Rinse the area really good with a little clear water and allow it to air dry.


Answer by  junebug0720 (270)

Wash the area with soapy water and let dry. Mix a capful of bleach with the water and spray on the mildew and let dry. Wash again with soapy water.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

One cleaner for mildew is plain bleach. Scrub using 3 parts water to 1 part bleach mix. Once area is dry you paint or coat it to stop regrowth.

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