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Question by  bricen (77)

How do I choose the best paint for a deck?


Answer by  kdem (551)

It depends on what color you want and if you want a stain or a paint. Stain will last longer and also repels water. Paint on the other hand requires you to maintain throughout the years.


Answer by  PainterLady (42)

Many experts do not recommend painting a deck. In my last house I had no choice. I went with a latex weather- and mildew-resistant outdoor primer and paint for decks. It was expensive but worth it. Painting the deck was the easy part; stripping and cleaning the wood was back-breaking.


Answer by  ginevra46 (237)

It is best to use stain rather than paint on a deck. Solid deck stains give the painted look,but protect better and last longer than paint.


Answer by  jaki (117)

If you go to the hardware store they have special paint of decks. It comes in all sorts of colors. If you don't want to use that, you could go with an extrior pant. I think it would work just fine. But you might want to use a primer first.

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