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Question by  marcky012 (18)

How do you catch a gar fish?

I would love to catch a gar fish.


Answer by  Georgemarc (53)

Securely attached the bait to your hook. Place the bait just in front of the fish allowing the bait to slowly settle in the water. Once gar takes the bait wait a couple of minutes. Gar chew their bait then spit it out. Its important that the gar swallow the bait before you set the hook.


Answer by  kirri (478)

A great way to gar fish is through bow fishing. You can purchase bow fishing poles at most specialty sports stores. This is becoming a very addicting hobby for many.


Answer by  simonze (15)

The best way to catch a gar fish is to go fishing for another kind of fish. I have caught several large gar by fishing for catfish or trolling for striper. In both scenarios, I fished just off the bottom with much success. Be sure to use good line! Gar are strong fish.


Answer by  dcbuis85 (267)

It depends on what gar you are interested in catching. It is easier to fish for short-nosed gar because their wider mouth gives more surface to hook. For these gar you should use the Lambo Lure Spinner which is made specifically for catching gar.

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