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What kind of fish can i put in the tank with glo fish?


Answer by  sharonl (250)

Glo fish are just genetically modified zebra danios so they can go with platies, mollies, guppies, leopard danios, tetras, barbs, catfish that stay small, and sword tails.

Reply by hlaken (1):
Recently added 1 guppy to tank with 2 glofish. Returned from work and guppy was gone. Appears glofish have eaten guppy.  add a comment

Answer by  redsol1 (35)

The best fish to put in a tank with glo fish are other non aggressive "community" fish that won't harass your glo fish. . Tetras, mollys, platties, and goldfish are all good fish to add to a tank with glo fish. You should avoid more aggressive fish like barbs, swordtails, and cicilids.


Answer by  Anonymous

I would say tetras, danios, and any other fish that are small enough not to eat the glofish, or hurt the glofish.Also be sure and make sure the the fish is good in a community tank. Small catfish and guppies may also work.Algae eaters usually work in any tank.


Answer by  chrisjarmonkey (28)

Glo fish are normally tetras that have been injected with florescence. So it is okay to keep goldfish barbs, plecos, cory cats and other peaceful aquarium fish with them. You can't keep cichlids with them. Either African or south American species except maybe angel fish. You should just ask at the store to check when you buy your new fish.

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Glo fish are not tetras they are genetically altered DANIOS  add a comment

Answer by  Worksforme (467)

Tetra, Molly, Swordtail, Platy, Danio, Bloodfish, Hatchetfish, Characin, are some that will get along well. You will find that all these fish come in many different colors and sizes. You could for instants fill your tank with just the many different tetra and still have a wonderful array of different colored fish.


Answer by  Fishtales (373)

Since glo fish are a contrived fish anyhow, they would fit in with any peaceful community tank. I would recommend molly's, guppies, swordtails. Make certain that you do not overcrowd your tank. One gallon of fish per each inch of fish. Glo fish are fun but after a time the glow disappears and they are regular fish again.


Answer by  Anonymous

i would say guppies,maybe tetras, and maybe a sun burst fish,PS, NEVER put tetras and guppies in the same tank together,tetras can be aggresive somtimes.


Answer by  Nother (102)

The glo fish is a peaceful, but active fish, and as such, should be housed with other peaceful fish. While he may chase other fish, he will rarely inflict injury. However, it is best to not place this fish with slow-moving, long finned fish. Bettas, barbs, Clown Loach, Mollys, Red-Tail Sharks are a few who are compatible.


Answer by  Anonymous

I've heard cory cats and tetra are good. Also zebra danios. Glofish are zebra danios only flouresent.


Answer by  Anonymous

They really go good with platties i had a redwag platy and it had babies and after about 4 weeks i put the babies in the tank and the glofish really like them and took good care of them.

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