Question by  PaulaWard (15)

How do you catch a bass in muddy water?

I would like ot learn to fish for bass.


Answer by  techgurl (97)

Live bait such as crawfish or fish grubs are one of the best bass baits. Bass like cover during the day so cast out near over grown areas.


Answer by  Brandon84 (37)

Use a noisy bait or a bait with lots of vibration. A topwater like a Spook or Chugbug will make noise. Also a spinnerbait with large blades will attract attention.


Answer by  ROBERTO (13)

Fishing for bass in muddy waters, requires lots of persistence. I would use brightly colored lures. The best area to fish would be covered areas, i. e. look for fallen logs, heavy brush, lilly pads, or anything in which a bass could hide. Also, look for the water inlet.

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