Question by  CoHere (18)

How do microprocessors work?

I'm amazed at what they can do.


Answer by  Sshine (22)

When a microprocessor is activated,it performs a series of action. Microprocessor accepts the information in the form of binary code, a series of ones and zeros. Then, CPU responds to the instruction by processing the code, and relaying to the responsible input section that the action has successfully taken place.


Answer by  KittyFace (61)

A microprocessor in simple terms is a bunch of transistors etched into a silicone wafer. The transistors open and close based on logic gates.


Answer by  StandardDad (38)

A microprocessor reads instructions and data from memory and acts on them. It is connected to the other PC components and can interact with them. So a list of instructions in memory to draw a picture will be read, processed and then the screen updated to display the picture.


Answer by  rajahassaan (149)

microproccessors works like a charm they have been so thin wired and allow the current to pass in circuits so the given results is obtained.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

Microprocessors work in such a manner that they would compile those sequenced binary numbers to form what we call computer programs. Moreover, with these compiled binary numbers, they would relate it to the other parts of the computer for initiation or implementation of what the command is all about.


Answer by  alexdamian (192)

Practically, a microprocessor is a collection of millions of transistors. Transistors can be used to analogically make mathematical computations. With them reduced in size, the microprocessor can operate at enormous speeds.

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