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Question by  Janarthanam (53)

How do I put together Napoleon Dynamite costumes?

I'd like to be Napoleon, and my girlfriend would like to be Deb for Halloween. How do we make our costumes?


Answer by  pambam (892)

For Napoleon Dynamite costumes you shouldn't have to make anything. 'Costumes' for both Napoleon and Deb could be easily assembled from garage sales and resale shops.


Answer by  mrjm (41)

Best bet is to download a picture from the net of the characters. Then purchase appropriate make-up, clothes and accessories. Make sure you look authentic, you don't want to look like Napolean Dudomite. Dress up, apply make-up, style hair, accessorize and find a friend to dress up as Pedro.


Answer by  jojomojo (14)

If you want to copy what they wore to the dance at the end of the movie, look for a brown men's suit with a vest and have your girlfriend look for a pink prom dress with ruffles. Thrift stores usually sell men's suits and old prom dresses cheaply.


Answer by  markslove (18)

For Napoleon Dynamite, buy a wig and go to a thrift store to get old clothes. It looks like a lot of his clothes were from the 1990's. Definitely see if you can find a "Vote for Pedro? tee shirt. Don't forget your chapstick!

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