Question by  Jen80 (28)

Should I put tropical plants in with my hermit crabs?

I have hermit crabs should I put tropical plants in with them.


Answer by  windling (38)

You might want to research each individual plant in the case of tropical land plants. Some of them may be harmful to your hermit crab. Check for any possible side effects of ingestion. Also, you should research the dietary restrictions of your crab. In general, tropical water plants are safe, but you should probably check those, too.


Answer by  montree (354)

Its not good have live plants in an aquarium because the plant is unknown to the creatures diet. Some of the plants may trigger an allergic reaction.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

This depends,of course, on the plant. I would recommend against any large carnivorous plants, as this could have dire consequences.

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