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Question by  julie86 (24)

How can I make a Wolfman costume?

I need a Wolfman costume for a party and don't know where to start.


Answer by  Sheridan (8)

I would start by going to a local Halloween store in your area to look for supplies. You are going to need a base layer of clothing preferably brown or black in order to glue the hair to. Fake hair is available in many arts and crafts stores. A fake beard is needed for facial hair.


Answer by  ooomblah (117)

The easiest thing to do would be to rent a costume. You can usually do this at costume stores and it is very inexpensive. Or buy a mask.


Answer by  cody (1331)

this is how you can make a costume first you go to a store and buy non real animal fur and put it together with thread


Answer by  Ilsieh83 (248)

Slice the knees, rip the ankles and shred the sleeves of the clothes. Attach some fake so it comes out through the rips of the clothing.


Answer by  jams15 (15)

Well, to make a werewolf costume that first we must do is find a laundry, old and ripped then proceed to what is making the mask, we put hair, mustache and we make the profile of what a Wolf, finally add details such as hair long nails through the hands and others.


Answer by  Terri (229)

Look online and maybe you can find some suggestions, pictures, or patterns. I would also check out some thrift stores for possible materials or masks to use in your costume.


Answer by  Psylence (30)

Go to a local fabric/craft store. They have tons of patterns for Halloween costumes. I am sure the people working there would help you pick the proper fabrics and materials.

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