Question by  lillybby (359)

How do I heal shin splits and muscle knots?

I have shin split sin both legs from running.


Answer by  jsteiny03 (346)

Shin splints can be taken care of by walked along a 24 degree angled slope for 100 feett. Muscles knots will need warmth applied to them. Apply a heat pad, icy hot or a hot shower and firmly rub the know at the same time.


Answer by  TJ (13)

In high school, shin splints were a major problem for me. One of the things that helped was to ice my shins after activities. I froze water in small paper cups. I could then apply the ice directly to my shins, tearing away the cups as the ice melted!


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

Ibuprofen will help. You can prevent shin splints. You need to run on a surface that gives a little more--not concrete.


Answer by  ZiggyHolmes (127)

I have shin spints from running and after I run I ice them for 20 on 20 off. In a week or so, they will not hurt as much.


Answer by  Lu (78)

Rest, ice and ibuprofen. You must allow the tissues that have been damaged by running to heal, ice will reduce inflammation and ibuprofen will help with inflammation and pain.


Answer by  sportskat (11)

Shin splints can be healed with rest and ice. Ice Baths and Ice Cups are the best treatment along with rest. Muscle knots are similarly treated with ice and rest.

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