Question by  rajascl (34)

What are some remedies for a pulled shoulder muscle?

It appears I have pulled my muscle in my shoulder while moving a dresser, what can I do to relieve the pain?


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Warmth helps pulled muscles. Have a warm bath then rest the pulled muscle for as long as you can. A heat treatment cream can also help ease the stiffness and pain. Stay out of any cold draughts or air. If the joint does become stiff move your shoulder a little every few hours.


Answer by  Krishnamoorthy (21)

Some of the remedies which will make you feel better are 1) Rest is recommeded. 2) Cold or hot pack will reduce pain and swelling. 3) Anti inflammatory medicines can be used. 4)Stretching and strengthening can be done to have stonger muscles to reduce pain.


Answer by  poodlegirl (142)

Jells and creams with MSM have been very beneficial for myself, family and friends. Jells absorb the best we find. Creams have other helpful pain relievers added in.

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